Champions and Back-Up

We ask that everyone picks one Thing to champion, and Things they are will to ask as back-up for.

Please edit this page, adding your name to the “thing” that you’d like to champion – the Thing that you are happy to take responsibility for in this Project 23.

We will ask you to write at least a Level 1 page for this Thing, and perhaps more levels if there is time. You might want to consider presenting the value of this Thing from the perspective of library users, as well as library staff.

You might pick your “thing” from one of two perspectives:

  • this will be either a “thing” that you are already comfortable using, and confident that you could write an introduction to, and instructions on how to use it,
  • or it could be a “thing” that you’d like to take this opportunity to explore and learn abuot, and then write an introduction to and instructions on how to use it

Please only pick one “thing” to champion (- and don’t delete anyone else’s contribution!).

Please also put your name against other “things” that you’d be happy to be “back-up” for. We might ask you to support the colleague who has picked it as a “thing” to champion, or to test the instructions that have been written.

Thing: Blogging

  • Champion: Isla Kuhn
  • Back-up:

Thing: RSS

  • Champion: Katrine Aronsen
  • Back-up: Marie Källberg

Thing: Personal StartPages

  • Champion: Liesbeth
  • Back-up: Guus

Thing: Twitter

  • Champion: Karina
  • Back-up: Karin Byström, Katrine Aronsen

Thing: ToolBars

  • Champion: Guus and 1
  • Back-up: Patrice

Thing: Videos & Screencasts

  • Champion:
  • Back-up: Els; Jürgen

Thing: Photos & Images

  • Champion: Marie Källberg
  • Back-up: Jürgen Goetgeluk

Thing: Instant Messaging

  • Champion: Mervi
  • Back-up:

Thing: QR Codes

  • Champion: Jürgen Goetgeluk
  • Back-up: Filip Kriz, Eirik Reierth

Thing: Collaborative Working

  • Champion: Patrice
  • Back-up:

Thing: Medical Apps

  • Champion: Guus
  • Back-up: Katrine Aronsen

Thing: Reference Management

  • Champion: María Luisa Maquedano Martínez
  • Back-up: Tiina Heino

Thing: Surveys/ Polls

  • Champion: Karen
  • Back-up: Tiina

Thing: Alternatives to PubMed

  • Champion: Elizabeth
  • Back-up: Katrine Aronsen

Thing: Project Management

  • Champion: Witold
  • Back-up: Filip Kriz

Thing: Social Bookmarking

  • Champion: Tiina Heino
  • Back-up: Eirik

Thing: Presentation Tools

  • Champion:Haakan
  • Back-up: Katrine Aronsen

Thing: Creative Commons

  • Champion: Witold Kozakiewicz
  • Back-up: Isla

Thing: Mind Mapping

  • Champion: Patrice
  • Back-up: Vesna Cafuta

Thing: Social Networking for Researchers

  • Champion:Elizabeth Diekhof
  • Back-up: Guus, Tiina

Thing: Online Brand

  • Champion:
  • Back-up:

Thing: Make Your Own App

  • Champion:
  • Back-up: Patrice

Thing: ??

  • Champion:
  • Back-up:

Thing: MashUps

  • Champion: Vesna Cafuta
  • Back-up:

Thing: Location Based Services

  • Champion:
  • Back-up:

Thing: Reflective Practice

  • Champion: Bonnie Heim
  • Back-up:


  • Champion: Karin Byström
  • Back-up:


  • Champion: Elizabeth Diekhof
  • Back-up:

Thing that we haven’t thought of – what Thing would you like to be champion of?

1 Response to Champions and Back-Up

  1. Bonnie Heim says:

    I`ll be champion for Reflective practice!

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