template: Level 1 – “getting started”

Each “thing” is made up of 3 sections:

Level 1: “getting started / Level 2: “make it real (and useful)” / Level 3: “masterclass”

Level 1: “getting started

This “thing” is relevant to the following theme:

(pick from:
Research 2.0 / Make Your Own / Professional issues / Medical Apps / Mobile Technology / Open Access & Repositories / Create, Manage & Share files / E-books & e-readers / Research & Learning Apps for mobile devices / Health 2.0 / Alternative (PubMed) search / Mash-ups / Presentation 2.0 / Location-based Services)


  • what?

what is the thing? – when did it start? – is there  a fascinating fact about this tool?

Fascinating fact – ?

  • why?

why would you use this tool?

  • why not?

why might you not want to use this tool – are there legitimate concerns about time/relevance/application etc? (and perhaps a counter argument..?)

  • how

so how do you actually get it started and working for you?

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