Creative Commons – Level 2

Each “thing” is made up of 3 sections:

Level 1: “getting started / Level 2: “make it real (and useful)” / Level 3: “masterclass”

Level 2: “make it real (and useful)”

This “thing” is relevant to the following theme:
Research 2.0 / Make Your Own / Open Access & Repositories / Create, Manage & Share files / E-books & e-readers / Presentation 2.0

How to Use Creative Commons Licenses:
Try the CC Licence generator on webpage

More detailed description can be found on Billy Meinke’s blog: How to: Get a Creative Commons License for your Blog or Website

How to mark your work with Creative Commons licences while publishing on:

How to properly mark your work with CC license

How to search:

There is a search engine for CC-licensed materials  on

You can also install CC Search Browser Plugin from this site:
(Some versions of Firefox have already built in CC Search tool – check the search engines drop-down list)

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