Instant messaging: Level 1

Each “thing” is made up of 3 sections:

Level 1: “getting started /Level 2: “make it real (and useful)” / Level 3: “masterclass”

Level 1: “getting started

This “thing” is relevant to the following theme:

– Professional issues / Mobile Technology / Collaborative Working / Project Management / Social Networking for Researchers

(pick from:
Research 2.0 / Make Your Own / Professional issues / Medical Apps / Mobile Technology / Open Access & Repositories / Create, Manage & Share files / E-books & e-readers / Research & Learning Apps for mobile devices / Health 2.0 / Alternative (PubMed) search / Mash-ups / Presentation 2.0 / Location-based Services)

  • what?

what is the thing?

Instant messaging provides users the ability to communicate quickly in real time. One of the advantages of using IM instead of email is that you know if the person you want to talk with is available.

Learn more about Instant messaging (IM) in Wikipedia.

– when did it start?

Read about this in Wikipedia mentioned before.

– is there  a fascinating fact about this tool?

Fascinating fact – ?

  • why?

why would you use this tool?

– easy

– economical

– doesn’t disturb like calling or going meet somebody

– save time (travelling)

– you can contact more easy only because a small thing without planning or organazing meeting

  • why not?

why might you not want to use this tool – are there legitimate concerns about time/relevance/application etc? (and perhaps a counter argument..?)

– you disturb  easily and stop another’s work

– if problem or thing be solved is large IM is not a good tool

  • how

so how do you actually get it started and working for you?

– follow you collegues, networks what IM tools they are using

– choose program you want to use: Skype; Facebook etc.

– may be you must use many progras – the less the better

– ask another if you can contact using IM (what is the way: chat, writing messages; microphone, headphones, camera)

– if necessary agree rules how you and your networks use IM

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