Personal Startpages: Level 1

getting started
Personal startpages like iGoogle, Netvibes,My Yahoo!,Wikpage andMicrosoft Live enable you to set up your own startpages that you can access from any computer. You simply add widgets of useful information, e.g. emailupdates, personal calendar, rss feeds, a notepad where you can save weblinks, weatherinformation, currency rates, newspaper headlines, quick search into websites, etc. You can personalise them by changing the look.
Netvibes can also be used for public use, for example as a library website.

2 uses for this tool :
– It’s easy to have a personal starting page when you don’t have one fixed computer because you can collect your information on one site. Whether you are sitting at the desk or in the office or using a laptop, etc. All you need is internet access.
– For libraries Netvibes can be easily changed into a publicly available starting page that is easy to maintain and adapt. Even people without a lot of IT skills can set it up and maintain it. Examples are :

why not?
There are so many widgets you can add that you can quickly get an overload. So it does help to manage them and remove those that you find you are not using. Luckily they are also easy to remove with on mouseclick.
In Netvibes some pages can look quite scary but you can work with different colourschemes to improve the lay-out.

You need to sign up and login with your account.
For Netvibes there is a free general account but you have to pay for the more advanced account.

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