Photos + Images: Level 1

“getting started” – we look at Flickr

what? You want to organize and share photos and videos or find other´s that you use. One tool is Flickr. Flickr started 2004 and is now a part of Yahoo.

Fascinating fact – In June 2011 there were 51 million registrated members and 80 millions unique visitors. In August 2011 the number of photos Flickr was hosting was 6 billion.

why? Flickr is easy to use and you can upload 2 videos and 300MB worth of photos each calendar month. You can choose if you want your photos to be public or only available to friends or family. You can also find photos, some of them you can also download. You don´t need to have an account to look at the pictures.

why not? If you are not a frequent user of Flickr your free account can be closed after 90 days of non-activity. If you store many photos, only the last 200 will be available in your photostream, unless you become a Pro-member and pay a fee (August 2012 $1,87/month). You will not be able to see the original size of the photo until you ara a Pro-member. Even if you are a Pro-member Flickr can close your account without notice.

how? You can take the Flickr tour to learn how it works. To start using it you need a Yahoo account or use an already existing account on Facebook or Google.

As you know (or should know) not all Google Images are copyright-friendly. You do not have the rights to use all visuals found there. That is also true with Flickr photos in the overall collection. But Flickr have arranged separate collections based on the copyright-friendly Creative Commons lisences. The photos found here can be downloaded and used by you, a visitor to the site. Here is some help in downloading photos from the site

try it out:
1. Take a good look at Flickr and discover what this site has to offer. Find out

2. Visit the Flickr Creative Commons site and explore what kinds of photos you could you use for your library or classroom. Do a search using keyword, save a photo to your hard drive (in My Pictures is best).

read more facts about Flickr at Wikipedia

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