Prezi: Level 1

“getting started”


Prezi is a presentation tool that can be used instead of Powerpoint. It enables you to zoom in and out in presentations, for example to show the “big picture” and details of your topic. Prezi makes you think about your topic in a different way, and lets you present it in an interesting way.

Prezi presentations are stored in “the cloud”, so they are available to you from any computer. Prezi was launched in 2009,


Prezi is good for making presentations that are not sequential like Powerpoint. Instead of making a series of slides, you write your notes on a big canvas; and then zoom and pan around. You can use it like a mindmapping tool, showing how different parts of a subject are connected.

You just write your notes, change their size ane position, and finally create a pathway for the presentation. It’s also easy to add images, youtube videos and pdf’s.

Do your presentation online or download for an offline presentation. There is also a special iPad app for viewing prezi

why not?

Prezi offers many options to play, and as with all presentation tools you need to restrict the way you use the special effects. If there is too much zooming and panning, it can make the audience sea sick! However, used correctly, the zooming effect can reveal surprizes and show hidden information.


To get started, go to the Prezi website and and click “Sign up now” to create a user login. If you are at a university or other eduational organization, use the “Prezi Edu” login that has some extra features.

Prezi has a lot of learning videos and examples of presentations. Take a moment to get to know the basics and get some smart tips. Here are their getting started videos and exaple prezis

Level 2: “make it real (and useful)”

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