QR Codes: Level 1

QR code stands for a ‘quick-response’ code. It was developed in 1994 by a Japanese company Denso Wave who used it on car parts. Denso Wave didn’t want to take a patent on their QR-code so everybody can develop these codes on the internet. (there are several sites on the net, example: http://www.2tag.nl/)

It is a two-dimensional code meant to be fast decodable. You find them in magazines, bus stops, posters, e-tickets, etc…

A QR code is square and consists of little square blocs. Those who want to scan the code will need a smartphone (or a tablet like the iPad) with a compatible scan-application. You have to point the smartphone towards the QR code and the app takes a photo of the code. The app transforms the code to a web-url, emailadress, contact-card (vcard), text message, phone number, other text, etc …

It’s a medium which is very popular amongst a young public and has a great range of possibilities.

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