yup, this is a screencast….

go to see the screencast I mad- you can see it on the screncast-o-matic site. or

or you can see it via YouTube

this relates to a theme…..

Level 1: “getting started / Level 2: “make it real (and useful)” / Level 3: “masterclass”

  • what?

what is screencasting?

A Screencast is a digital recording of a computer screen by using some specific software for obtaining action that happens on the screen. It is a great alternative method to demonstrate and teach users how to work with certain (web)applications on a computer. The term screencast compares with the term screenshot, whereas a screenshot is a picture of a computer screen, a screencast is a movie of the changes on a computer screen, enhanced with audio narration or text. Screencasts are often accompanied with audio explanation from the author.

when did it start?

The term ‘screencasting’ dates from 2004, but the making of screencasts already starts in 1993. The first screencasting-software produced huge movie files which were difficult to work on. Nowadays with the internet, screencasting has made a huge evolution. The filesize is much smaller for editing and the possibilities are endless.

is there a fascinating fact about this tool?

It is a very simple way of making instruction videos for all kind of users. (from students to professors). You can instruct them from step to step how certain actions have been done. Once uploaded on a website, users can access them whenever and wherever they want.
The user has the possibility to learn whenever it suits him best.

  • why?

why would you use screencasting?

It’s a handy tool for long distance learning. Users can use it as back-up after having seen a demonstration. I personally find it very interesting when I’m testing some new software packets. It is more visual then a common written manual.

  • why not?

why might you not want to use screencasting – are there legitimate concerns about time/relevance/application etc? (and perhaps a counter argument..?)

It is time consuming and difficult to make. You should make a script in advance, the timing is important, not too long, too short.

  • how

so how do you actually get it started and working for you?

–       There are several possibilities for making a screencast. You have some free applications available on the internet. (screencast-o-matic). I have no experience with this software package.

–    On the other hand there are software packets which you have to pay for. I’ve worked with two packets:

1. Camtasia Studio. ( A very user-friendly package for creating and editing screen-recordings. Although some functions are rather limited in this package. (€ 300 for an individual package)

2. On the second hand we have Adobe Captivate which is my favorite. It is quiet expensive, but when you take an education license, you can obtain a package for app. $ 300

Other screencasting software:

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