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Introduction to Project 23 for EAHIL site!

<strongTime & Location of the CEC: Tuesday July 3, from 14.00 to 17.30 in the “Avicenne” room, which is located on the basement of the “Centre Faculté” building.
What you need to know …

Dear Participant of the CEC Design and Create a Sustainable 23 Things for EAHIL | CEC C3 EAHIL 2012!

You have signed up for a CEC called “A sustainable 23 Things for EAHIL”.
This is not the regular course with teachers & participants.
We – you and us – are going to CREATE the 23 Things for EAHIL Programme ànd its content.

The plan is to do this DURING the CEC course, which is unfortunately just 3 hours. We asked for a whole day but that was not possible.
In order to make this work, we now also rely on you to contribute in the period prior to the CEC at Brussels.

Based on the survey results we already have done a lot of work in preparation. [link to Survey Summary]
We had to make some choices, which we will explain below.
The characteristics of The 23 Thing for EAHIL we intend to implement are:

  • Permanent
  • Dynamic,
  • Flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Sharing enabled
  • Re-use, adjust, adopt ( tailor-made vs general)
  • Multiple-languages
  • Collaborative

Explain, discuss, create
These will be the three main elements tackled during the CEC.
Besides working on the content and on the framework of the 23 Things, we will pay attention to the “best practices” on how to initiate and implement a 23 Things-like programme in our organization.

The Framework
We choose WordPress as the platform for the 23 Things for EAHIL blog.
A series of Themes have been selected, again based on the survey. Each Theme will be linked to one or more Things. Each Theme and Things will be a separate Page within the blog.
There will be a default template for a Theme Page (What? Why?, Why not?, How?)
There will be THREE levels to each Thing. Templates for each level are available.

  • Level 1: Getting started
  • Level 2: Making it real (and useful)
  • Level 3: Masterclass

We intend to implement a structure of Linking and Tagging from Themes to Things and vice versa to enable easy browsing & navigation.

You can see the framework in its current state at:

Champions & back-up
Prior to the CEC we need you to:

  • Keep a close look at your emailbox for an invitation to join us with the P23EAHIL Blog. We will use the email address for the EAHIL 2012 & CEC Registration. If you do not have a username for WordPress, instructions will be included.
  • Go to the Blog and read the 3rd Menu item from the left in the Top Menu. It is called “Champions and Back-up
  • Please read the instructions carefully. If you haven’t logged in yet, this is the time to do it! Then EDIT the Page either via the Edit-button on the bottom of the page, or via the Dashboard Menu in the Left-hand top-corner of the Blog! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact one of us via GooglePlus or email.
  • Please edit the Page with you pick of a Thing to champion ánd any Thing that you want to act as back-up for.( more info on the blog!)

Please join our Project 23 for EAHIL GooglePlus group

Next Scheduled Hangout: on Wednesday June 27th at 4pm European time (If you want to know more about the Hangout tool, please contact one of us, and we will help you, even do a test-run if possible!)

The Launch!
We have a one-hour Plenary session on Friday July 6th from 09:00 – 10:00 to share our experiences & the work realized. We want to discuss the process of creation and the results, plus in the end of course launch The 23 Things for EAHIL project in a spectacular way!

We all hope you are going to like it, (we certainly do!) and hope to see you virtually on the Hangout on Wednesday June 27th at 4pm European time, and in person in Brussels on Tuesday July 3rd.

Isla, Karen & Guus

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